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January 1, 2021
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Have you found the most beautiful looking rug and are looking for ways to use it to add a wow factor to your home decor? You are at the right place.

When you go to the market, you have a large variety and quality of rugs available. Handmade rugs are usually of many types, including hand-Knotted, hooked rugs, needle felted rugs, woven rugs, hand-loomed rugs, flat weaved rugs, and embroidered rugs.

One of the most functional forms of rugs is the handmade ones. They have always been most in demand. Persian handmade rugs are one of the most prominent and famous throughout the world. They are popular for their elegance as well as quality. Other options available in the market are Turkish handmade rugs and Caspian handmade rugs.

How to Perfectly Style a Handmade Rug

Buying a rug to match your room’s aesthetics is often a question most people have difficulty answering. Choosing a rug is usually an essential step when you intend to add to the décor of your room.

Whichever type of rug you choose will add to your environment’s essence if you know the perfect way to style it. Here are some tips for doing just that.

1. Placing Patterned Rugs

You can use patterned rugs almost anywhere in the house. Still, we highly recommend using a heavily patterned rug for areas where there is lots of movement. This is because cleaning a handmade rug can be a pretty expensive and tedious job.

2. Getting the Right Contrast

Rugs are like an outfit for the room. Just like it’s not recommended to wear a check tie of the same color with a printed shirt. Similarly, in a room, don’t always match the colors. Go for contrast; for example, a burgundy rug in a room with lighter colors like skin or white would brighten up your space

Similarly, you can match the color of your rug in contrast to your wallpaper as well.

3. Experimenting with Different Shapes

Using a typical rectangular shaped rug is often something most people are comfortable with. However, if you opt for more unique shaped rugs, it can really make the small spaces in your house pop. A circular rug in the center or maybe in the corner of your room often gives the room a more sophisticated look.

4. Using Rugs to Define Areas

In a large room or a studio, using a rug to highlight a specific part of the room can be a great technique.

Typically, a rug is considered for the floor. Still, you can mix things up by using a beautifully woven rug as a wall hanging. Do something no one else is doing!

5. Change the Outlook of the Room

An easy change of your room’s outlook is now possible by just changing the rug and maybe getting some contrasting cushions to go with it.

Handmade rugs come in various textures that can help you decorate your office, home, or merely a room as well. They can be a great addition to the décor and improve the aesthetics of your environment.

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