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Handmade Art
July 26, 2020
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Handmade craft also known as artisanal handicraft is the kind of work where a wide variety of decorative and beautiful objects are made using hands or some simple tools. Craft basically means unique expressions that represent the culture, heritage, or tradition of a country.

Brief History

The history of handicrafts dates back to 5000 years. Handicraft holds its roots in the rural craft of ancient civilization. Most of the early references of the handmade craft were found from Mohenjo-Daro Sindh, Indus Valley Civilization. The ruins of this valley depict its rich traditional craft parallel to remarkable technical excellence in the field of pottery, jewelry, weaving, and metal, etc.

Since then, artisans in different geographical locations are practicing specific forms of handmade craft. Some of them still use natural materials while others prefer to use modern, non-traditional, and even recycled industrial materials.

Why Handmade Craft Still Matters

1. Every Item Holds a Story

When an artisan makes something, he leaves a part of himself in it. Every product and every craft is created with a lot of effort and time. The little details like the color of the flowers, the texture of the surface, the shine of the pearls hold a beautiful story behind them. When you buy a particular craft and holds its ownership, your spirit is reflected in that purchase.


2. Supports Local Talent

When you buy products from The Good Home, you actually support the local artisans. But, it’s just not about money. Whenever you purchase a handmade item from artisans, it builds up their confidence, encourages them to develop more skills, and re-invest money in their small business so that they can keep producing their wonderful work of art.

3. Creative and Trendy Items

Independent artisans, crafters, and designers usually produce trendy and quirky items as compared to large businesses. This is because they can afford to experiment with the design, color, or texture to see whether it catches the interest of the people or not. It took large commercial handmade companies 10 to 12 months to introduce a new product in the market. On the other side, small artisans and designers hold more freedom and flexibility to introduce new designs in the market comparatively sooner.

4. Withstands the Time

Handicraft contains durable and long-lasting items. Once you invest your money in those handmade items, they serve you lifelong. The intention behind this craft is to make it in a way that it can withstand the time. No two handmade crafts are alike. They contain a little bit of variation and difference which makes them one of their kind.

handmade persian rugs

5. Eco-Friendly

Handmade art is great for the environment. It does not need noisy factories and massive production units. Most of the handmade products are made in small homes of the artisans. They are prepared from simple, easily available, and natural items that can be reused most of the time as something else.

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