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January 1, 2021
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If you’re a genuine leather enthusiast looking for ways to identify real cowhide leather, you’re in luck! This article will unfold several ways to recognize authentic cowhide leather from imitations.

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, it has become highly challenging to differentiate between fake and real products. The same goes for genuine cowhide leather. Most manufacturers print this information, but it has become relatively easy to imitate leather with modern technology. So, blindly trusting labels is not a wise option.

Tips to Identify the Original Cowhide Leather

At Goods Direct, we offer original and high-quality cowhide products. Today, we are sharing some tips with you so that you can also make the right call while purchasing a leather product.

1. It is Durable

Cowhide is basically leather, so its durability will speak for itself. It is hard-wearing and a robust option for home decor or apparel. On the other hand, fake cowhide leather is made out of different types of plastic, so you will notice that it’s disintegrating after a couple of years and might need to be replaced.

So, if you’re looking for something long-lasting, don’t settle for something at a lesser price; go for original leather products.

2. It Has a Different Feel

As it is apparent from the name, cowhide is the natural skin and fur of a cow. So, when you touch it, you can feel the softness of real cow fur. Although it might get a bit rough over time, that’s what adds to the authenticity. Fake cowhide might seem super soft at first, but a few years down the lane, it becomes patchy and worn down.

Therefore, if you’re getting cowhide rugs, make sure you get the real stuff because nobody likes a rug that tends to lose hair!

3. Unique Colour and Pattern

No two cows are exactly the same! They may have the same color, but each cow has a unique pattern, just like our fingerprints. When you get fake cowhide, you might find many varied color options, but the patterns will be identical, as a machine prints them.

So, if you’re looking for something absolutely unique in your home, real cowhide is what you need!

4. It Saves Warmth

Another feature that distinguishes real cowhide leather from a fake one is its ability to save warmth. Genuine cowhide leather immediately gets warm and holds the heat for some time. Fake leather does a poor job of giving off warmth. It does get warm, but the leather’s surface gets wet, while real leather stays dry.

Hence, for a warm and dry winter, invest in an authentic leather jacket.

5. It is Heavier and Finer

If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you can’t distinguish real cowhide leather from the fake one, simply check their weight. The original leather is heavier than faux leather. Also, it will have a finer fur, better finishing, and an overall luxurious look to it.

Place the real cowhide leather next to a fake one, and you can almost immediately tell the difference in quality.

Although it might be puzzling to identify real cowhide leather from a fake one, nothing can beat the high standard and authenticity that comes with buying real leather products.

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